Mail A Letter Certified

The easiest way to send certified mail online

Save time and money versus printing and mailing the letters yourself. We print, stuff and mail your certified letter for you by the next business day.

Save time

Eliminate trips to the Post Office. No more waiting in line. No more traffic. No more wasting time.

Send one or thousands

Whether you have one letter or a thousand we can handle it. You can use our mailing list functionality to upload and organize your addresses so you can send your letter to multiple recipients with just a few clicks.

Tracking information

Using our Mailbox you'll have easy access to your tracking data and signatures and you won’t have to worry about storing and filing any more post office forms.

Getting Started

All you need to get started is a free account. Speed up your mailings today by registering for a new account.


No Forms - There are no forms to purchase, fill out or file.
Save on Supplies - No paper, no envelopes, no printer and no ink toner.
Online data - We save your letter and the USPS tracking data so there are no green cards to store and file.
Real-Time Tracking - Find the status of any letter you’ve sent without having the tracking number.
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